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"Olive" is a comprehensive and innovative school management solution for education delivery and administration. It manages all school activities as well as, (when integrated with "Vanilla" ERP), all school financial administration from employees, salaries, payroll, HR, and accounting.

"Olive" brings parents, teachers and students together in an interactive platform "Portal", where teachers are able to upload homework, exams and scores. Students can finish their homework and be updated with their progress, as well as, helping parents to guide and stay updated with their child's performance.

"Improves synchronously with the latest technology "

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  • Unlimited users
  • Multi-campus
  • Student, Teacher and Parent Portal
  • Robust Reports

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In the last few years, AEIUCM quickly became the leader in the very competitive Lebanese market, catering to more than 40% of the Higher Education students in Lebanon and 25% of the Schools. AEIUCM also provides services to Universities in Syria, Erbil - Iraq.

The Smart Method to manage your School

Hosted online or at your premises...

A complete browser based solution that is available anywhere any time, from your school intranet to your home. Administrative operations and management, records generation, student billing, student services, and many more into a single solution that includes diverse portals from teacher, parent to student, all operating in a single secure and powerful platform to integrate all education stakeholders, thereby fostering a partnership among them.


Core Features

  • school Management User Friendly Interface

    Fully customizable

    All our features can be modified and tailored to your exact needs. With your requirements we can add additional modules, reports and interfaces.

  • School Management Friendly

    User friendly

    This solution has a friendly interface which is developed for easy and direct access to all vital functions with minimal to no IT skills required.

  • School Management Cloud

    Cloud based solution

    Built in the clouds, this solution is available anytime anywhere allowing you to take benefit of all evolutionary technologies related to web in terms of functionality and development.

  • School Management Secure and Reliable

    Secure and reliable

    Work in a secure and safe environment, ensuring confidentiality and security, preventing unwanted access to system features and modules with no risk of losing data.

  • School Management Support

    World class support

    Service & Support is one of our strongest features and is what diferentiates us form the rest of our competitors.

  • School Management Features

    Wide range of features

    Olive is not just about managing your school, you will also benefit from e-Library services, Portal for students, teachers and parents as well as complementary services from AEIUCM.

  • e-learning


    Olive "Portal" provide an interactive platform for students, parents and teachers that provides communication tools, course content management, e-learning tools and monitoring tools to guide parents.

  • School Management Multiple Language

    Supports multiple languages

    Olive is provide multiple language support including English, French, Arabic, Spanish and much more.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    ERP solution

    Olive manages all school activities as well as, (when integrated with "Vanilla" ERP), all school financial administration from employees, salaries, payroll, HR, and accounting.