Customized to suit your needs

AEIUCM Olive is a comprehensive and innovative solution that will revolutionize education delivery and administration. It provides a proven tested platform that addresses the needs of stakeholders of all schools in executing their daily tasks, be it in conducting and planning lessons, managing student's life cycle, preparing exams and assignments, grading, issuing reports and analytical tools, communicating with parents, teachers and students.

Fully Customizable

Olive is fully customizable. All our features can be modified and tailored to your exact needs. With your requirements we can add additional modules, reports and interfaces

Cloud based

Built in the clouds, this solution is available anytime anywhere allowing you to take benefit of all evolutionary technologies related to web in terms of functionality and development. No installation is required, no hardware and IT costs, its design fits all platforms, be it mobile phones, tablets, or PCs.

Multi-User / User Friendly

This solution has a friendly interface which is developed for easy and direct access to all vital functions with minimal to no IT skills required. In addition a multi-user environment is created to allow each user to have their own portals and settings, secured from unauthorized access.

Control, Monitor and Analyze

Managers will be able to effectively yet efficiently manage multiple school branches with no conflict and no hard work. Analyze all schools with minimal effort, by monitoring all activity, ensuring that all rules are being met, and being updated with any information happening on the spot. Control school operations, generate smart reports in seconds that will help in the decision making process, lower student drop out rates, and increase teacher performance and level.

Strategic Advantages

  • Stay in touch with school administration, teachers, and other stakeholders
  • Get notified instantly on issues that you are concerned about
  • Internal messaging features to stay connected with all users
  • Ensure that all schools comply with the organization rules and regulation
  • Generate reports the way you want, throughout all school branches or individually
  • Monitor all school operations, regardless of location
  • Use report generators to issue custom made reports, charts and statistical diagrams
  • Get notified on anything, managers can set certain triggers that if triggered they will receive a notification, sms messaging, and/or email
  • Oversee school allocation, building, and room capacity, equipments and maintenance
  • Teacher assessment tools, find out each teacher's weaknesses to increase there performance
  • Issue budgets, costs and revenues per school or as a whole organization.


Reporting tools

Using your smart reporting generator, a manager can easily and clearly analyze the situation of his school, and provide solutions. Reports can be extracted at any time and are reliable and accurate.

Staff Performance and Assessments

Be able to track and increase teachers performance, schedule and manage supervisor visits and assessments, compare and store all data

Notification and Messaging

Get notified instantly on the things you want to be updated on. Keep in touch with concerned people (Parents, Teachers, etc...), whether you are in the office, at home or out of town

Safety and Security

Control who gets to see what, ensure safety of data, give authorization to certain people and prevent others from access

Multi School Management

Monitor all your schools from a single system, extract unified reports, control the flow of operations and ensure that your standards are being applied.

School Building Management

Be able to store all information about your school buildings, rooms, classrooms and equipment that will help you maintain and utilize to its peak. Generate statistical data, know which rooms are available , how many class rooms you can have in a given year, if any equipment needs to be replaced or added.


From a single view, track what is important to you, whether its about student enrollment, class room performance, revenue, profit, cost , all displayed in a simple, friendly interface.

Accounting and Budgeting

Monitor revenues, profits and costs at real-time. Generate the reports you need fast and secure.