E-Library Services

AEIUCM provides Olive Premium plan subscribers access to an online e-Library, that provides millions of educational content from stories, e-books, articles, newspapers, books & encyclopedias to magazines, videos and researches).

E-library portals provide specialized access (For Kids, For Elementary & High School Students, For Teachers & Staff).

Career and University Selection Guidance for Students

AEIUCM will provide Olive Premium plan subscribers' Students with Career Guidance Sessions and Career Assessments exams along with IQ and EQ assessments to help students better plan their University studies and future Career.


Minimizes the labor-intensive task of managing multi-school levels by fully integrating all the facets, with enhanced services.

Marketing for Schools

Complementary, activated upon the request of the school partner.

From its extensive work with universities and schools, AEIUCM would consult with the School Partner in setting marketing strategies.

IT Consultancy

Complementary, activated upon the request of the school partner.

AEIUCM will act as the consultant for it's school partner which includes:

  • All kind of hardware purchase
  • Internet and Intranet connectivity
  • Anykind of software purchasing